Single-Ball Safety Valve | SLB

Single-Ball Safety Valve

Serves as additional safety barrier with high closing force

Close up of the downhole tester valves.

Additional safety barrier with high closing force

The single-ball safety valve is a fully open downhole safety valve that is run in the open position and closes permanently when the disk is ruptured. The operator mandrel is balanced to internal pressure and is locked in the open position to prevent premature closure.

Upon rupturing the disc, hydrostatic pressure is applied to the operator mandrel to close the valve.

The large differential pressure from hydrostatic to atmospheric and the 3 1/4-in2 operator area provide more than sufficient force to cut 7/32-in wireline cable, even in shallow wells. The ball valve operator locks in the closed position and prevents the tool from reopening until it is retrieved to surface. The lock can be reset without disassembling the tool to enable functional testing before running in the hole.

single-ball safety valve