Seismic Processing Profiles in the DELFI Environment

Efficiently process and visualize seismic data

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Seismic data processing in the DELFI environment

Reduce operational costs without compromising technology and support

Enable complete, robust seismic data processing and interpretation via specific profiles in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment. With convenient access to software, scalable computing capacity, and technical support in the cloud, the DELFI environment provides you with high performance computing (HPC) power and flexibility.

Seismic data processing in the DELFI environment delivers

  • a lower-cost alternative to maintaining an on-premise data center
  • immediate and secure access to a powerful virtual machine complete with software licenses and the flexibility to handle surges in your workload
  • a collaborative workspace that can be used across domain expertise
  • continuous IT support and software maintenance.
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Choose the profile that meets your exploration needs

There are two profiles in the DELFI environment’s Petrotechnical Suite that were created specifically for seismic data processing and imaging.

Seismic Processor Base Profile

Using the Omega geophysical data processing platform, you can enable dynamic, leading-edge seismic data processing and imaging, from a single 2D line to a complex 3D seismic survey. Easily and intuitively manage seismic projects and data, build workflows, QC processing results, visualize and analyze data, and interactively generate statics and velocity solutions.

With this profile, you can access the Omega platform using a Linux-based virtual machine in the cloud-based DELFI environment. The profile includes technology licenses for a diverse library of leading-edge algorithms using CPU resources, including advanced signal processing, advanced demultiple techniques, advanced imaging, and depth imaging.

Seismic Processor Base Profile
Seismic Processor Plus Profile

Seismic Processor Plus Profile

In addition to the capabilities of the Seismic Processor Base profile, the Seismic Processor Plus profile enables you to expand your workflows in the Omega platform by seamlessly integrating them with the Petrel E&P software platform and plug-ins developed by WesternGeco. Using the Petrel platform and plug-ins, discipline experts can collaborate to make the best exploration and production decisions.

Access both the Omega and Petrel platforms using a virtual Windows-based machine in the cloud-based DELFI environment. This profile adds the power of Petrel Geophysics and plug-ins that enhance your seismic processing and imaging, often used in integrated workflows.

Petrel Geophysics plug-ins include

Efficiently run and manage your seismic processing profiles with HPC power

The seismic processing engine includes all the software and hardware needed to run and manage the processing environment for both the Seismic Processor Base and Plus profiles. In addition to the fixed number of CPU cores, there is also access to on-demand CPU cores, which can be used for temporary bursts of resources when your projects require it.

The seismic processing engine