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Offshore Australia Otway Basin Survey

More than 7,000 km2 of 2D seismic data across this deepwater province offshore Australia

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Gain comprehensive regional insights of Otway Basin

The Otway Basin, particularly the Shipwreck Trough, is well explored and has been a petroleum producing province for more than 50 years. Outboard in water depths greater than 500 m, the basin was vastly underexplored through 2020, with only distant well control and sparse 2D seismic data coverage.

Schlumberger has acquired more than 7,000 km2 of 2D seismic data across this deepwater basin. The new data and reprocessed legacy interleaving lines enable comprehensive regional interpretation, providing insights into the structural elements and extension of proven supersequences from the shelf to deepwater—creating high industry interest in the 2021 acreage offer.

Subsequent petroleum system modeling now provides a foundation for future opportunities to better understand prospectivity, including the distribution of source, reservoir, and seal facies.

Otway Basin legacy data Otway Basin reprocessed data
Legacy vs. newly acquired Otway Basin seismic data.