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Offshore Sri Lanka Surveys

13,080 km of broadband 2D seismic data

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Image showing licensing round blocks and available broadband 2D seismic surveys of offshore Sri Lanka.
Licensing round blocks and available broadband 2D seismic surveys of offshore Sri Lanka.

Create a subsurface structural framework

Enhance your prospectivity assessments of frontier basins offshore Sri Lanka with our new broadband 2D seismic surveys. The passive margins of Sri Lanka date to the breakup of Gondwana and include the East Lanka and South Lanka Basins. In the north and west are the failed rift basins of Cauvery and Mannar. Initial investigations of the Mannar Basin suggest potential mature source rocks located in the Mesozoic section, resulting in economically viable volumes of hydrocarbons in the Tertiary. Designed using regional discovery-well information, these 2D surveys optimize imaging of both shallow- and deepwater targets and provide a unique opportunity for early entry into an underexplored region with a proven petroleum system.

Improve your prospectivity assessments using broadband 2D seismic data that covers 13,080 km of offshore Sri Lanka—now available for future licensing rounds.

Newly acquired and reprocessed 2D data

Acquired in 2018, simultaneously with gravity and magnetic data, this 13,080-km-long offset seismic data is ideally suited for uncovering deep basement structures. The data was processed and imaged using modern broadband workflows, including state-of-the-art noise attenuation and demultiple techniques, adaptive deghosting, and tomography with Kirchhoff migration.

Analysis of the data clearly identifies an extrusive layer of flood volcanics at the reservoir level that includes proven gas reserves. The data was also used to understand prerift basement geometries linked to those seen in eastern Africa. Another use for the data has been initial AVO analysis to help understand potential plays in the Eastern Province.

Newly acquired 2018 seismic data and reprocessed 2013 seismic data of Mannar Basin
Newly acquired 2018 data and reprocessed 2013 data of Mannar Basin.
3D view of WesternGeco seismic acquisitions offshore Sri Lanka
3D view of seismic acquisitions offshore Sri Lanka.

Prestack time migration (PSTM) and prestack depth migration (PSDM) data and AVO analysis are now available to help you

  • establish a regional geologic framework
  • identify, map, and predict source, reservoir, and seal of numerous plays
  • evaluate prospectivity to optimize your exploration program
  • complete your global basin portfolio.