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Extreme-life shaker screens

Durable and longer-lasting screens


Extreme-life shaker screens deliver long-lasting service that produces cleaner drilling fluids and reduces downtime. The fine, durable screens generate less waste from screen consumption at the rig site and reduces haul-off materials to the landfill.

The Extreme-life shaker screens are used with the MONGOOSE PT™ dynamic dual-motion shaker, the MONGOOSE PRO™ dynamic dual-motion shaker, and the MEERKAT™ compact single-deck shaker screens.


Reducing waste generated by creating a longer-lasting screen will reduce our CO2 footprint. This is accomplished by reducing the fuel costs associated with haul-off of used screens and reducing waste material generated.

  • Global onshore and offshore
  • MONGOOSE PRO shaker series
  • Reduce high amounts of waste caused by frequent screen changes
  • Lower total screen costs
  • Quick and easy to repair
  • Stronger, longer-lasting mesh
  • Does not rust or delaminate

Extreme-Life Shaker Screen Specifications

Size (W × L, in), 23 × 45.875

API Designation  Mesh Type D100 (cut point), μ Conductance, kD/mm Non-blanked Area, sq.ft Part Number
API 80 XR 174 2 5.3 JMONXR120X
API 100 XR 147 1.65 5.3 JMONXR165X
API 120 XR 119 1.4 5.3 JMONXR200X
API 140 XR 110 0.99 5.3 JMONXR230X
API 170 XR 86 0.84 5.3 JMONXR270X
API 200 XR 79 0.72 5.3 JMONXR300X
API 230 XR 69 0.81 5.3 JMONXR325X
API 325 XR 44 0.39 5.3 JMONXR400X

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

MEERKAT, MONGOOSE PRO, MONGOOSE PT, and SNAP-LOK are marks of M-I L.L.C., an SLB company.