AcreteBlok Antiaccretion Additive | SLB


Antiaccretion additive

Red, white, and orange fluid.
Hydraglyde - combo
The HydraGlyde Optima system uses AcreteBlok antiaccretion additive to prevent bit balling while drilling more reactive shales.

AcreteBlok antiaccretion additive is specially designed to prevent bit balling and accretion on the stabilizer and drillstring in the HydraGlyde Optima flexible high-performance water-based drilling fluid system. It coats drill cuttings and metal surfaces to reduce the sticking tendency of hydratable as well as dispersible shales. Preventing accretion and balling with AcreteBlok additive makes trips easier while reducing the risk of hole packoff.

Typical concentrations of AcreteBlok additive range from 3% to 9% by volume, which also reflects the flexibility of the system, enabling it to be designed for each well's needs.

How it improves drilling

  • Prevents shale cuttings from sticking to a bit, stabilizer, and drillstring during drilling operations
  • Assists with reducing drag, enhancing ROP, and allowing mechanical solids control equipment to remove drill cuttings more efficiently
  • Lowers the surface tension, making hydratable clays less likely to adhere to each other and to steel surfaces
Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance
Orange liquid
Mild or faint
Specific gravity
pH value
7.5 to 9
Norway regulatory category
Environmentally yellow Y1
Avoid system pH greater than 9.5 to minimize odor