HydraHib Shale Inhibitor | SLB


Shale inhibitor

Red, white, and orange fluid.

Amine-based HydraHib shale inhibitor provides a high degree of wellbore stability and flexibility with the ability to adjust its concentration.

The inhibitor suppresses clay hydration by intercalating and reducing the space between clay platelets so that water molecules will not penetrate and cause swelling.

The HydraHib inhibitor

  • effectively inhibits shale or gumbo clays from hydrating
  • minimizes the potential for bit balling
  • provides superior cutting integrity.
Hydraglyde - combo
HydraHib shale inhibitor is the primary inhibitor in HydraGlyde Optima flexible high-performance water-based drilling fluid system, which addresses more dispersive shales and enhances the environmental profile for areas such as the North Sea.
Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance
Specific gravity
1.0 to 1.1
8 to 10
Flash point
>212 degF [>100 degF]
Pour point
≤32 degF [0 degC]
Solubility in water