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DynaForce DTX

Thin-wall motor

Three long, polished metal rotors on a rack, ready for assembly into drilling motors
Render of the DynaForce DTX thin wall motor

Integrated motor increases overall performance in harsh conditions

The DynaForce DTX thin-wall motor improves drilling performance in harsh drilling environments with its innovative high-torque transmission and driveshaft design. The thin-wall power section offers increased power output to help you maximize ROP, reduce motor-stall risk, and improve steering accuracy.


  • Performance drilling
  • Drilling of hard rock and interbedded formations
  • High dogleg severity


  • Optimizes drilling performance with increased WOB and torque range 
  • Increases reliability with integrated power section and lower end
  • Improves ROP in harsh drilling environments 
  • Increases operational temperature range


  • Thin-wall power section
  • DynaPower motor elastomers
  • High-torque transmission and drive shaft
  • High-capacity bearing section
  • Adjustable, fixed, or straight housing
  • Optional short bit-to-bend motor configuration for 8 3/8- to 9 7/8-in hole sizes
Two rig hands guide a clean BHA, including a PDC bit and drilling motor, down a well