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Integrated motor-bit modeling service

Composite model of rotor

i-Power integrated motor-bit modeling service uses detailed mechanical, hydraulic, and material inputs to determine the true power section output downhole while also improving your understanding of the power section elastomer's remaining life at these conditions. This information enables you to adjust drilling parameters to increase the likelihood of completing an interval in a single run. For example, modeling may show that you can double footage drilled by simply reducing power by 18%, saving tripping time and tool costs.

Cutaway of mud motor

Specification sheets show lab test results from using water at room temperature with standard-fit stators and rotor geometries. i-Power service uses downhole conditions to help you optimize BHA and operating parameters to reduce trips, time, and costs.

Composite rendering of rotor

Integrate models to increase performance and reliability

The IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform is integral to bit design and selection process and widely considered to be the premier design software within the industry. i-Power modeling enhances the IDEAS platform to increase overall BHA performance and reliability. Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, and Dyna-Drill collaborate on designing fit-for-purpose drilling solutions by creating virtual prototypes of motors and bits, optimizing performance for given applications.