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DynaForce Flex

Shale drilling motor

A blue 8.25-in drilling motor sitting on an orange storage rack

High-dogleg wells drilled faster and more efficiently

The DynaForce Flex shale drilling motor enables shoe-to-shoe drilling for high-dogleg horizontal wells by delivering the vertical, curve, and lateral sections in a single run. Its heavy-duty transmission harnesses the latest high-performance power sections, delivering superior ROP—further reducing drilling time.

Maximized rate of penetration

The optimized bit-to-bend motor reduces time spent in slide drilling mode, further increasing overall ROP while providing dogleg assurance through high-build curves. Less time sliding also means more effective hole cleaning and better flow rates, all resulting in additional reduction of drilling costs and time.

An engineer uses a digital microscope to examine a component of the DynaForce Flex drilling motor
Looking down the dark spiral of the inside of a drilling motor stator to a bright light at the end

Shoe-to-shoe drilling

Unconventional horizontal wells typically require more than one BHA and multiple planned trips in the reservoir section, resulting in longer time to TD. The DynaForce Flex motor, with its optimized bit to bend, delivers the vertical, curve, and lateral in a single run, eliminating planned trips and saving valuable drilling time and costs.

Extended laterals—more durability for longer runs

Designed to perform in abrasive downhole conditions, the DynaForce Flex motor delivers longer runs by reducing the risk of component failures. Reduced fluid velocity through the lower end prolongs bearing life and reduces internal erosion for enhanced motor durability.

Simple shaded rendering of a Dynaforce Flex motor in a BHA with a cutaway view of the rotor and stator