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PowerDrive vorteX Max

High-powered rotary steerable system

Close-up rendering that highlights the core components of a PowerDrive vorteX system: the RSS, drilling motor, and PDC bit
Graph showing that higher torque and increased RPM contribute to a higher ROP

Tough and powerful with tighter directional control

The PowerDrive vorteX Max high-powered rotary steerable system is the only fully rotating RSS that delivers faster, higher ROP with more power, improved downhole reaction, and tighter directional control. This next-generation powered RSS features a unique self-steering mode for both inclination and azimuth. Its robust design holds up under tougher drilling conditions, enabling a wider rpm and torque operating window. By using optional advanced modeling techniques, Schlumberger can provide a customized BHA and power section ideal for each application.

Ruggedized motor and advanced steerability

The PowerDrive vorteX Max system is ruggedized for reduced component failures, increased reliability, and improved fatigue life—and it is nimble. The BHA takes advantage of steerability with a high WOB and at high rate of rotation—up to 350 rpm, optimizing the output from the power section.

The PowerDrive vorteX Max system uses advanced automated algorithms for hold inclination and azimuth, which are customizable to specific challenges. Functional toolface updates can be as fast as one per second, which enable continuous trajectory control and minimum wellbore tortuosity. Deploying the PowerDrive vorteX Max system results in superior borehole quality with a faster steering reaction, and it delivers maximum performance with minimal surface intervention.

Maximum temperature: 302 degF 
Maximum pressure: 20,000 psi  
Maximum rpm: 350 rpm
Target applications: curve and horizontal sections
Available tool sizes: 475, 675, 825, 900, and 1100

PowerDrive vorteX Max System Reduces Average Total Drilling Cost by 30% per Lateral Foot, Permian Basin

Drill through challenging formation while extending lateral footage and improving speed

During 2016, Parsley Energy faced the challenge of improving drilling efficiency for multiwell pads in the Midland basin, focusing on extending production-hole lengths from 1-mi [1.609-km] laterals to 2 mi [3.218 km] or more. Well designs consisted of 12 1/4-in intermediate sections followed by 8 3/4-in curves and 8 1/2-in laterals. Production-hole trajectories targeted the Wolfcamp Formation, an interbedded abrasive formation primarily of salts and limestone. There was severe shock and vibration in the offsets. Combined, all these factors caused an overall well delivery time that ranged between 20 and 35 days.

Additionally, the basin consisted of other multiwell-pad drilling activity, which increased the risk of wellbore collision. Offset wells using high dogleg severities (DLS) experienced BHA failures that resulted in multiple lateral runs.

Optimize the PowerDrive vorteX Max system to increase drill speed and trajectory control

Schlumberger recommended deploying the PowerDrive vorteX Max system to continue drilling the 8 1/2-in lateral sections of Parsley Energy wells in that basin. The system is both rugged and customizable, enabling it to be optimized to endure drilling conditions through the Wolfcamp Formation, as well as to allow the BHA to pass throuhg the high dogleg severities curve section. The power section can be adjusted to improve drill speed once the curve is built. Also, the self-steering mode for both inclination and azimuth provides better trajectory control in the dense, multiwell environment.

Delivered improved drilling efficiency, record-setting drilling speed, and extended footage

The PowerDrive vorteX Max system helped Parsley Energy drill 80 wells in Permian Basin in 2016, representing a year-over-year increase of 74%. The average lateral footage increased 9% per well. Rig days were reduced by 17% and drilling costs per lateral foot decreased 30%. The total lateral footage drilled increased by 89% year on year.

A record was set for one well in the Wolfcamp Formation by drilling a 7,128-ft [2,172.61-m] lateral section with one run in less than 3 days.

Bar charts showing better field performance across multiple metrics when a PowerDrive vorteX Max RSS is used Bar charts showing better field performance across multiple metrics when a PowerDrive vorteX Max RSS is used

”Drilling days were reduced from 35–40 days to 25 days and are now into the teens for these 10,000-ft laterals. We are getting quite a resounding reputation in the industry as a state-of-the-art drilling team.” — Jeffery Boggs, Senior Drilling Engineering Manager, Parsley Energy