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PowerDrive Xceed

Ruggedized rotary steerable system

Illustration of a PowerDrive Xceed Ruggedized RSS rotating through the horizontal section of a well

Efficient drilling and control in harsh settings

The PowerDrive Xceed RSS provides strength and agility in challenging, rugged, soft, or abrasive environments and drills extended-reach wells within rig pressure limits. Engineered for trajectory accuracy and reliability, its internal steering mechanism does not require pressure drop across the bit. It enables real-time well placement, keeping the wellbore in the target window.

Higher performance with enclosed steering mechanism

The RSS is designed with field-proven electronics and has a wear-resistant, totally enclosed internal steering mechanism. Its steering response is minimally influenced by the wellbore and hole gauge and does not depend on wellbore contact, ensuring performance in abrasive, soft, and hard formations.

Precise and optimized steerability

The PowerDrive Xceed RSS can predictably drill doglegs and sidetracks to put wells in the best place in the reservoir. Hold-the-line closed-loop downhole control automatically corrects inclination and azimuth if deviation occurs, achieving TD in less time.

Looking up at a Schlumberger drilling technician guiding a brand-new PowerDrive Xceed ruggedized RSS and PDC bit into a well
Simplified illustration highlighting and describing the core elements of a PowerDrive Xceed ruggedized RSS: the steering section, control system, and power generation module
PowerDrive Xceed
Ruggedized RSS