EnduroBlade 360 Rolling Diamond Element Bit | PDC Drill Bit | SLB

EnduroBlade 360

Rolling diamond element bit

Extreme closeup of EnduroBlade 360 bit showing rolling cutting elements

Revolutionary rolling cutting technology extends PDC bit durability

The EnduroBlade 360 bit is the result of integrating customized bit manufacturing by Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, and our cutting technology using the IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform.

The precise positioning of these elements relative to contact with the formation, coupled with the bit’s drilling force, drives efficient rotation of the Enduro 360 element.

EnduroBlade 360
Rolling diamond element bit
Feet Drilled
Enduro rolling diamond cutting element

Entire circumference of cutting edge drills the formation

The Enduro 360 elements lead Schlumberger’s line of rolling cutting elements. They substantially increase bit durability by rotating 360°, dispersing heat and wear. Positioned in the highest wear areas of the bit structure, the elements use the entire circumference of the cutting edge to cut the formation. The rotating action enables the edge to stay sharper longer, extending EnduroBlade 360 bit life far beyond that of conventional PDC bits with fixed cutters.

Using insights gained from the deployment of the 13-mm and 16-mm Enduro 360 elements, a 19-mm size is now available—providing the EnduroBlade 360 bit with even more strength and durability for vertical, curve, and horizontal sections. The larger size enables more aggressive designs with reduced cutter counts and fewer blades. This is made possible by increasing the diamond density of the cutting structure using the rotating cutting edge; maintaining this sharper edge yields more footage and higher ROP. EnduroBlade 360 bits continually increase run lengths by up to 57%, resulting in fewer bit trips and lower drilling costs.