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Closeup of SHARC bit showing PDC cutting elements

Maintain high ROP in hard, abrasive formations

To achieve maximum ROP while keeping drill bits durable in tough formations, maintaining drillbit stability is critical. SHARC polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits are engineered specifically for challenging operations across a broad range of downhole conditions. Initially proven in the tough formations of eastern Texas and northern Louisiana, SHARC bits survive the drilling interval without sacrificing ROP. Unnecessary trips are eliminated, saving time and cost.

SHARC bits are proven to

  • minimize vibration to increase stability and superior wear resistance
  • reduce cutter damage for maximum drilling length
  • retain sharp cutting edges for higher ROP.
SHARC High-Abrasion-Resistance
SHARC High-Abrasion-Resistance PDC Drill Bit

Wear-resistant cutters extend drillbit life

To complement the capability of SHARC bits in hard, abrasive formations, an exclusive line of cutters was designed for high wear resistance. Their structure includes two rows of cutters set on each blade, with each row reinforcing the other. This feature provides maximum durability over the nose and shoulder areas of the bit, ensuring consistently high ROP. The double rows are also oriented to ensure hydraulic cleaning and cooling efficiency.