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Impact tool

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Maximize the impact force of the Hydra-Jar AP drilling jar

The Accelerator AP impact tool is recommended whenever a Hydra-Jar AP drilling jar is placed in the string. The Accelerator AP tool operates with the jar automatically, increasing reliability and ease of use, while protecting the drillstring and surface equipment from damaging shock waves. Optional ultrahigh-temperature seals are available for conditions up to 650 degF.

The Accelerator AP impact tool has a proven track record for high-temperature operations around the world. Our suite of best-in-class HT technology and high-temperature-certified engineers includes products and services for directional drilling, MWD, and LWD.

Maximum jarring impact in any hole profile

Used in conjunction with the Hydra-Jar AP drilling jar, the Accelerator AP tool combines the advantage of jarring up, down, or up-and-down with hydraulic fluid for maximum jarring impact. By increasing the velocity of the mass applied to the jar, the Accelerator AP tool ensures optimum impact force from the Hydra-Jar AP drilling jar. When used with the jar, fluid compression inside the Accelerator AP tool compensates for limited drillpipe stretch in shallow or crooked holes, providing stored energy so that the fish is hit hard regardless of depth. The Accelerator AP tool also optimizes jar performance in extended-reach, directional, and horizontal wells, where the stored energy in the drillpipe is lost because of hole drag.

Efficient energy transfer

The Accelerator AP tool provides the same impact with less overpull at the jar. The hammer mass receives 100% transfer of the overpull.

When run in combination with the Hydra-Jar AP jar, the Accelerator AP tool more than doubles the available impact force.