Jarring Operation Avoids Sidetracking and Redrilling, Saving More Than USD 1.3 Million

Published: 03/03/2014

Concrete blue texture
Hydra-Jar AP and Accelerator AP impact force
The initial plan was to jar for 16 hours but after only 6 hours and one attempt, the operator was able to free the BHA and avoid sidetracking and redrilling. As a result of this successful jarring operation, the operator plans to use the Hydra-Jar AP drilling jar and the Accelerator AP impact tools for drilling future programs.
Oman, Asia

Depth in
957 m

3,590 m

Hole size
12 1/4 in

An Oman operator needed to recover a 12 1/4-in drilling BHA that became stuck at TD after several attempts to jar the string free had failed.
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