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AP Impact

Advanced performance impact system

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With today’s fast-paced drilling operations and complex drilling assemblies—which include rotary steerable, MWD, and LWD systems—lost time and lost-in-hole equipment can be very costly. The AP advanced performance impact system can significantly reduce the risk of loss of expensive equipment and the substantial costs of plugging back and sidetracking. It includes

  • Hydra-Jar AP double-acting hydraulic drilling jar
  • Accelerator AP impact tool
  • Runner drillstring analysis program
  • data acquisition program.

Hydra-Jar AP double-acting hydraulic drilling jar

The Hydra-Jar AP double-acting hydraulic drilling jar enables the driller to control the direction of jarring, as well as the intensity and frequency of the downhole impacts. Because the system works without applied torque, directional drilling tools maintain their orientation throughout the jarring operation.

In most applications, the Hydra-Jar AP jar should be run in conjunction with the Accelerator AP tool. In addition to increasing impact, the Accelerator AP tool protects the drillstring and surface equipment from jar shock loads.

Accelerator AP impact tool

The Accelerator AP impact tool helps the Hydra-Jar AP jar deliver peak performance by providing additional stretch in the drillstring when conditions such as hole drag are encountered or if the drillstring is not heavy or long enough. By increasing the velocity of the mass applied to the jar, the Accelerator AP tool ensures optimum impact force from the Hydra-Jar AP jar.

Runner drillstring analysis program

This proprietary software optimizes placement of the drilling jar and jar accelerator to provide the maximum potential of the tools should they be needed during differential sticking pipe risk situations.

Data acquisition program

The data acquisition program guarantees that every Hydra-Jar AP jar is tested in our service center prior to being sent to the rig. The testing process uses pressure transducers to measure tool function and verify that it is performing to specification. The results are stored in a database and may be viewed as raw data or in a graphical format.

AP Impact System combo
The AP Impact system can significantly reduce the risk of losingexpensive equipment and the costs of plugging back and sidetracking.