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Full-cycle hydraulic underreamer

Rhino integrated borehole enlargement system

Rhino full-cycle hydraulic underreamer.

Effective hole cleaning at TD with full circulation rates

Actuating the Rhino™ full-cycle hydraulic underreamer involves pumping an activation ball downhole, which shears the sleeve and exposes the fluid ports. The reamer’s unique design positions moving parts farther from critical flow ports.

Drilling fluid flows through the fluid ports, opening the cutter blocks. The hole is then drilled and enlarged. The tool has three ports, facilitating cuttings removal. Once drilling and underreaming is performed, the cycle is completed by pumping another ball down. The deactivation pins shear, releasing the sleeve and ball to the catcher, and closing fluid ports to the cutter blocks.

Circulating fluid can then be pumped at maximum flow rates for optimal hole cleaning at TD without activating the cutter blocks. Multiple bottom-up cycles can be pumped as required. When the tool is inside the casing, additional cycles can be pumped without risk of damaging the casing. The deactivated tool trips out without generating new cuttings.

  • Hole enlargement while drilling with rotary BHA or RSS
  • High-inclination sections
  • Deep water
  • Extended-reach wells
  • Highly abrasive environments
  • Swelling formations
  • Undergage body design for optimal flow-by area
  • Reliable dual-ball-drop lock and unlock mechanism
  • Single-piece body for higher tensile- and torque-load capacity
  • Optional stabilized body for parameter optimization and high ROP in environments with high shock and vibration
Cutter blocks.

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