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proVISION Plus

Magnetic resonance-while-drilling service

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Assess complex reservoirs for completion and production optimization

By providing lithology-independent porosity, pore-size distribution, continuous permeability, and direct hydrocarbon detection, the proVISION Plus service enables real-time producibility assessment in complex reservoirs.

Evaluate reservoir producibility in real time

Using the T2 distribution, the proVISION Plus service derives irreducible and producible fluid volumes for improved estimation of production rates. These capabilities are particularly important for determining permeability in heterogeneous carbonates and identifying bypassed pay zones in shaly sands. This information can also be used to steer the wellbore to maximize reservoir contact.

Use reservoir quality data to optimize completion quality

By revealing hidden pay zones and locating high-permeability areas, the proVISION Plus service provides information critical to optimizing your completion design. This service provides insight into the effectiveness of your overall completion strategy and creates opportunities to increase production and decrease completion cost, such as opting not to produce an unproductive interval of low permeability.

A two-dimensional measurement of pore and fluid properties

Magnetic resonance (MR) measurements, which reveal pore and fluid properties, consist of a series of manipulations of hydrogen nuclei in fluid molecules. The nuclei have magnetic moments, behaving like small bar magnets, and their orientations can be controlled by magnetic fields. The nuclei also spin, acting like gyroscopes.

A log from the proVISION Plus Magnetic resonance-while-drilling service showing T2, fluid volumes, facies analysis, and permeability tracks
proVISION Plus
Magnetic resonance-while-drilling service