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Kirill Kuptsov, Roger Griffiths, SPE, and David Maggs, SPE, Schlumberger
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Understanding Complex Reservoirs

Latest LWD technologies enhance real-time evaluation

An understanding of the reservoir is essential for its optimal development. Reservoirs that contain heterogeneous carbonates and shaly sands pose formation evaluation challenges for conventional measurements.

To provide a more complete, real-time evaluation of these complex reservoirs, Schlumberger engineers have developed logging-while-drilling (LWD) technology with enhanced measurement capabilities. Measurement acquisition while-drilling minimizes rig time and facilitates real-time decisions related to reserves, completions, and wellbore trajectory changes to optimize reservoir access and production. 

By providing lithology-independent porosity, pore-size distribution, continuous permeability, and direct hydrocarbon detection, the proVISION Plus magnetic resonance-while-drilling service makes real-time producibility assessments possible in complex reservoirs. The service complements other real-time LWD data, such as the suite of measurements from the NeoScope sourceless formation evaluation-while-drilling service, to provide advanced petrophysical evaluation.

An industry article in the Journal of Petroleum Technology “Magnetic Resonance-While-Drilling System Improves Understanding of Complex Reservoirs” highlights the design enhancements that have enabled the service to be successful in a wide range of drilling conditions and provide lithology-independent porosity, pore-size distribution, continuous permeability, and direct hydrocarbon detection. Case studies from West Africa and South America illustrate the service’s global reach and demonstrate how it complements other real-time LWD data to deliver sophisticated formation evaluation including identification of bypassed pay zones and accurate producibility determination.

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