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High-definition dual-imaging-while-drilling service

close-up of TerraShpere tool with logs

TerraSphere service is the industry’s first application of a logging-while-drilling dual-physics imager for all oil-based mud systems. It generates both electromagnetic and ultrasonic measurements to provide high-definition images of the borehole in real time while drilling. Combined with real-time detailed borehole shape and stability analysis, TerraSphere service enables drilling parameter optimization.

Rig time and costs are reduced because the TerraSphere service delivers full-borehole coverage for unambiguous interpretation, which enhances geosteering in complex environments, as well as production potential and reserves estimates.

High-definition dual-imaging-while-drilling service
TerraSphere tool with callouts of sensors
TerraSphere logs - before TerraSphere logs - after
The dual-imaging physics provide images that are complementary. The resistivity images unveil detailed bedding features while the acoustics are more sensitive to fractures and borehole conditions.

The electromagnetic subsystem sends pulses from the sensors through the mud and into the formation at a wide range of frequencies that produces best-quality resistivity images across the broad range of resistivities encountered in subsurface geological environments.

The acoustic subsystem emits short ultrasonic pulses and detects the resulting echoes from the borehole wall, providing robust measurements in heavy mud weight drilling fluids with high attenuation. Frequent sensor sampling and focusing deliver a resolution comparable to wireline ultrasonic imaging tools in oil- and water-based mud systems.

Both image physics collocated in one tool provide the only complete solution for detailed geological and borehole understanding in oil-based mud environments while drilling. The images are complementary, with the resistivity images rich in bedding features and the ultrasonic images more sensitive to fractures and borehole conditions.