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Multilayer Mapping While Drilling

Delivers highest confidence and less uncertainty for precision steering decisions in shallow reservoirs

Screenshot showing a colorful image of the multilayer mapping-while-drilling service trajectory

Precise geosteering in all environments, all the time

PeriScope Edge multilayer mapping-while-drilling service doubles depth of detection range compared with previous bed-boundary detection services, delivering clearer boundary delineation—even for the thinnest layers 3 ft or less—and more computing power behind the ultrahigh-definition mapping for faster turnaround time while drilling. The combination of innovative inversion with measurements coming from the axial, tilted, and transverse antenna provides the fastest and highest delineation of reservoir layers and formation evaluation while drilling.

Multilayer Mapping While Drilling
Vera Wibowo, well construction measurement expert, introduces multilayer mapping-while-drilling technology

Stay in the most productive reservoirs

PeriScope Edge service delivers real-time ultrahigh resolution for earlier, more precise boundary and layer detection for better steering direction in various types of reservoirs, including complex thinly bedded and compartmentalized reservoirs.

  • Stay in the best part of your reservoir
  • Produce better
  • Avoid bottom-boundary water contact
  • Accurately delineate multiple layers

Deep resistivity and anisotropy measurements

With its all-new deep resistivity, the inversion, and measurements from the tilted, axial, and transverse antenna, PeriScope Edge service reveals up to eight layers and provides definition and certainty in excess of 25 ft. Results are fast and provide the greatest certainty with bed boundary detection for more precise delineation of reservoir boundaries and fluid contacts.

PeriScope Edge
Multilayer mapping-while-drilling service
Our expert Francois van Vliet, Product Champion Geosteering & Reservoir Mapping

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