Multilayer mapping-while-drilling service enables complete mapping of a target in a low-resistivity environment

Peru, South America

PetroTal applied PeriScope Edge™ multilayer mapping-while-drilling service to successfully drill a horizontal well in the Bretaña Norte Field and mapped both the top and bottom of the target. The geological map was key to making informed decisions to drill the well within the zones with the best properties and highest estimated reserves.

The Bretaña Norte field in the Peruvian jungle has large oil reserves. However, its extraction requires advanced technology to overcome this field's challenges. The main challenge for well placement comes from the low-resistivity environment with values as low as 4–7 ohm.m. Frequently, the channels with the best properties are not close to the top of the target zone but much deeper. Therefore, a mapping tool with both high resolution and depth of detection is required.

PeriScope Edge service simulations showed a vast improvement compared with previously used technology. The PeriScope Edge service can map the zone's top and base. At the same time, sand bodies inside the target drill path were mapped using inversion, and stratigraphic dips matched with the dips from real-time MicroScope HD™ image processing, which was run together with PeriScope Edge service.

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The PeriScope Edge service combined with the MicroScope HD service increased the quality of the reservoir characterization and gained a more accurate estimate of reserves.

The addition of the PeriScope Edge service enabled PetroTal for the first time to map both top and bottom of the drill path. Using this information and the ultrahigh-resolution inversion of the PeriScope Edge service, PetroTal was able to adjust the well trajectory and place it deeper where according to inversion results, the properties were better. Additionally, the ability to map the target completely enabled PetroTal to estimate reserves more precisely and decrease uncertainty due to the geological heterogeneity of the formation.

Reservoir map created by PeriScope Edge showing the well trajectory.
Multilayer mapping-while-drilling enabled placing the well precisely within the optimal zones.
Reservoir map created by PeriScope Edge showing the well trajectory.
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