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xBolt G2

Accelerated drilling service

Digital render of the xBolt G2 drilling through rock formation
xBolt G2
Accelerated drilling services

Multitelemetry service accelerates drilling performance

The xBolt G2 accelerated drilling service maximizes drilling efficiency through robust reliability and high-speed electromagnetic (EM) and mud pulse communication rates, enabling operators to deliver wells faster while positioning the wellbore accurately within the reservoir.

xBolt G2 Accelerated Drilling Service
Electromagnetic (EM) telemetry delivers data at rates up four times faster than conventional methods. EM telemetry can eliminate the wait time for direction and inclination surveys, maximizing on-bottom drilling time.
xBolt G2 Accelerated Drilling Service
The dual-telemetry control module enables downlinks to switch between telemetry modes. This is accomplished in less than a minute and saves costly trips out of hole to change BHAs.

Flexible telemetry configurations accommodate challenging environments

Available in three configurations to provide multiple data transmission options in a single collar, the xBolt G2 service can leverage

  • high-speed EM telemetry in signal-friendly zones
  • robust mud pulse telemetry at deeper intervals
  • either mode in a dual-telemetry configuration.

Switching between telemetry modes is accomplished in less than 1 min, avoiding costly trips out of hole and lost rig time.

"When we used the xBolt G2 service, we could switch between telemetry modes in less than a minute. That saved us a lot of NPT."

– Shadi Altayeb Mussa, Telemetry & Software Technologies Product Champion

Faster electromagnetic and mud pulse transmission rates minimize flat time

The xBolt G2 service provides superior demodulation rates to eliminate surveying time when EM telemetry is deployed, achieving data transmission rates up to 4 times faster than conventional methods.

  • The EM telemetry configuration takes surveys offline during connections, contains no moving parts, and withstands high lost-circulation material (LCM) concentrations without jamming.
  • In the mud pulse telemetry configuration, the multitelemetry service enables surveying speeds up to four times faster than conventional methods through increased data transmission rates.
  • The dual-telemetry configuration provides full flexibility throughout drilling by providing ultrafast EM telemetry speeds when possible and reliably accurate mud pulse telemetry transmission at deeper depths—all without the need to trip out of hole.
xBolt G2 Accelerated Drilling Service
The quadrature phase shift key (QPSK) protocol enables high-speed transmission rates that are four times faster than the industry standard. The signal is less susceptible to drilling and mud pump noise, ensuring a strong signal throughout drilling operations.
xBolt G2 Accelerated Drilling Service
For accurate geosteering and confident steering decisions, the azimuthal gamma ray package provides quadrant data and high-quality images, maximizing reservoir exposure while delivering smoother boreholes. And there is no need to hold back ROP.

Azimuthal gamma ray measurements enable improved steering and ROP

The multitelemetry service uses total and azimuthal-image gamma ray functionality to reveal bed crossings and boundaries, enabling confident geosteering decisions and subsurface model refinement while drilling.

With better imaging, operators experience improved steering and minimized sliding for increased ROP and reduced well porpoising, resulting in a smoother, less tortuous well profile.

By revealing formation dips while drilling, the multitelemetry service enables increased footage per day and improved well placement accuracy.