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PureFlex surface fluids logging while-drilling service

Modular wellsite gas analyzer

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PureFlex surface fluids logging while-drilling service is a modular wellsite gas analyzer measuring continuous total gas, alkanes (C1 to C5), and alkenes (ethene and propene) to assist drillers and geologists with safety and formation evaluation applications in any environment while drilling the well.

What PureFlex service can do

PureFlex service is a fast gas chromatography providing quick insight on formation fluids in terms of fluid type and alteration. It reflects the true hydrocarbon content of reservoir fluids, enabling continuous and automated removal of most known mud contaminants, like amines and alcohols, discriminating the light alkenes, by-products of the drillbit metamorphism (DBM), from the genuine alkanes originating from the formation and ultimately eliminating the effect of the artificially generated alkanes when extreme DBM occurs.

PureFlex service can be run in different configurations with one or two constant volumetric degassers (CVDs) or heated CVD to measure gas out (at shakers) and gas in (at the active pit) to eliminate the effect of the gas recycling. When running with the isotope logging service, it enables full correction of the isotope δ13C of methane when extreme DBM is present.

Surface fluids logging while-drilling service

PureFlex service enables simultaneous gas detection from three different chromatographic modules on top of the total gas detector. It also independently measures C1–C5 gases, plus ethene and propene in 20 or 40 s.

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