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PureFlex surface fluids logging-while-drilling service

Get fast and true at-surface hydrocarbon composition during drilling operations

PureFlex surface fluids logging-while-drilling service.

PureFlex™ surface fluids logging-while-drilling service is a modular wellsite gas analyzer that provides real-time data on total gas, alkanes (C1 to C5), and alkenes (ethene and propene) to assist drillers and geologists with safety and formation evaluation applications in any environment while drilling the well.

The aim of PureFlex is to deliver the true composition of reservoir fluids by effectively removing most known mud contaminants such as alcohols and amines, discriminating the light alkenes that are by-products of drillbit metamorphism (DBM) from the genuine alkanes originating from the formation, and eliminating the artificially generated alkanes with patented methods. Furthermore, it is ideal in high rate of penetration (ROP) scenarios, thanks to an extremely fast cycle time to analyze hydrocarbon within the C1 to C5 range.

  • Fast drilling
  • Abrasive formations
  • Harmful mud systems
  • Enhances depth resolution
  • Enables continuous and automated removal of most known mud contaminants
  • Ensures data clean from DBM effects
  • Identifies drillbit fatigue
  • Provides easy deployment
  • Delivers high-speed cycle time
  • Total gas, C1–C5, ethene, and propene measurement
  • Quick gas analysis
  • Removal of alcohol and amines
  • Reliable C1–C2 separation
  • Small footprint
PureFlex surface fluids logging-while-drilling service equipment.
The fast, modular, multipurpose PureFlex surface fluids logging-while-drilling service suits any drilling environment.