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Modular drilling choke technology

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How it improves wells

VERSA-CHOKE modular drilling choke technology enables high-end pressure management in a wide range of pressures and temperatures. A modular design enables easy component replacement. The ability to reverse trim significantly improves choke operation life and reduces maintenance costs. The unit has the capacity to easily hot swap the actuator without requiring disassembly of internal components, reducing maintenance time.

VERSA-CHOKE modular drilling choke technology

How it works

The VERSA-CHOKE technology is controlled by a specially designed hydraulically driven worm gear or piston actuator. An axially moving gate engages a stationary seat, which creates an annular orifice that varies in area as the gate moves in and out from the seat.

Additional information

Two styles of hydraulic actuators are available: a piston-style actuator for use on 5,000-psi VERSA-CHOKE technology and a worm-gear actuator for use on any VERSA-CHOKE technology. Both styles withstand the full working pressure on the outlet of the choke without failure. Spool length and size can be configured to meet custom applications.

Available in reversible 1 1/2-, 2-, and 3-in trim sizes, the VERSA-CHOKE technology unit is API rated from –20 degF to 350 degF.

VERSA-CHOKE technology is designed, manufactured, and monogrammed in accordance with API Specs 6A and 16C, Conformité Européenne (CE), and NACE MR0175 for H2S service to material class EE. All nonmetallic wetted elastomers comply with NACE TM0187. Optional certifications include PSL3G, ABS Classification of Drilling Systems (CDS), DNV, and NORSOK Standards Z-015 and D-002.

Modular drilling choke technology