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Integrated Deepwater MPD Services

Maximized efficiency and higher service quality lead to lower cost of ownership

Deepwater MPD Integrated Solution

An industry first

The Schlumberger MPD integrated solution is the industry’s first complete deepwater MPD solution, from reservoir to flare stack, available from a single supplier and from a common platform, effectively minimizing rig footprint while maximizing drilling efficiency and versatility.

Full downhole control from a single platform

A key component of this system is the integrated MPD riser joint comprising the Cameron riser gas handling system and the M-I SWACO below-tension-ring rotating control device. The solution includes controls to operate the integrated riser joint, manifolds, and all surface equipment in a single platform while enabling pore pressure, formation fracture pressure, and bottomhole pressure to be balanced and managed at surface.

@balance Control MPD systems incorporate software and systems to make it possible to automate control in complex environments. The system can also be configured for semiautomatic or manual control for the best control solution, no matter your application.

Safer, more reliable operations through integration

Because only a single umbilical is used for system operation, the integrated solution requires less solution management and has a reduced footprint for controls and the human machine interface. Because fewer personnel are needed to operate and execute MPD operations, the process is more efficient. Components integration ensures optimal performance and greater reliability, simplifies operations, and decreases personnel requirements and equipment footprint. It also provides a single point of contact and rapid response for all MPD-related matters.

Flexibility to adjust operations in real time

Drilling fluid is supplemented by surface backpressure, which can be adjusted much faster in response to downhole conditions compared with changing mud weights conventionally. With @balance Control MPD systems, operators can also switch from conventional drilling techniques to MPD, pressurized mudcap drilling, and riser gas handling as well as scale the system up or down as conditions change.

The integrated MPD riser joint