Spotlight on Technology

Published: 04/28/2017

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

The annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Spotlight on New Technology Awards recognizes innovative technologies and showcases the latest and most advanced technologies that are leading the industry forward in offshore exploration and production.

Technologies are considered for the awards based on key criteria such as new and innovative, proven through full-scale application or successful prototype testing, broad interest for the industry, and significant impact that benefits beyond existing technologies.

Two technologies from Schlumberger are named as 2017 OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award winners:

Managed Pressure Drilling Integrated Solution
The managed pressure drilling (MPD) integrated solution is the industry's first complete, all-OEM, reservoir-to-flare-stack deepwater MPD system. When MPD design, engineering, manufacturing, system integration, well engineering, and onsite well delivery services are delivered from one platform and from a single supplier, operators minimize rig footprint while maximizing drilling efficiency and versatility. The MPD integrated solution provides a closed-loop circulation system in which pore pressure, formation fracture pressure, and bottomhole pressure can be balanced and managed at surface. Drilling fluid is supplemented by surface backpressure, which can be adjusted much faster in response to downhole conditions compared with changing mud weights conventionally.

OptiDrill Real-Time Drilling Intelligence Service
The OptiDrill real-time drilling intelligence service mitigates drilling risk and improves performance by providing actionable information to continuously identify hazardous drilling dynamics events and trends and recommending safe operating parameters. By integrating a comprehensive set of drilling dynamics and mechanical information, the service offers early detection of ROP limiters and drilling hazards; drillers receive immediate guidance on how to mitigate severe downhole dynamics so that the BHA is protected and the bit run is extended. Through the combination of downhole automated algorithms, the operator can continuously identify hazardous drilling dynamics events and trends as well as real-time guidelines for immediate action while drilling.