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Deepwater Integrated MPD Riser Joint

Riser gas management and MPD operations in deep water

Deepwater Integrated MPD Riser Joint

Schlumberger companies Cameron and M-I SWACO offer the industry's only complete original equipment manufacturer (OEM) deepwater MPD system. A key component of this system is the integrated MPD riser joint, comprising the Cameron riser gas handling (RGH) system and the below-tension-ring rotating control device (BTR RCD) from M-I SWACO.

The RGH system includes a riser-mounted annular BOP and flow spool. The compact BOP features fast closing capability. Normally used to seal off the annulus so that riser gas can be diverted to a choke manifold, the BOP provides a backup seal during MPD operations when the @balance Speed sealed rotating system (SRS) requires maintenance. The flow spool enables circulation of drilling fluid returns to the surface RGH and MPD manifold.

The BTR RCD is seamlessly integrated into a single LoadKing deepwater riser system using special flanges. The upper flange connects the RCD to the bottom of the riser telescopic (slip) joint while the lower flange connects the RCD to the slimline annular as part of the integrated riser joint.

Reducing operational complexity

The integrated riser joint (IRJ) is operated through an integrated control system which is connected to the IRJ with a single umbilical. It eliminates potential equipment incompatibility and provides a single point of contact and rapid response for all MPD-related matters.

Deepwater Integrated MPD Riser Joint
MPD Integrated Solution
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