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MPD Integrated Solution | Video

Published: 06/08/2017

Schlumberger Oilfield Services
MPD Integrated Solution
Industry-first all-OEM deepwater MPD solution

Maximize drilling efficiency and versatility while driving down the total cost of ownership with the industry’s first complete deepwater MPD solution, from reservoir to flare stack, available from one provider. Schlumberger expertise in well engineering, accompanied by an innovative control system, makes it easy to switch from conventional drilling to MPD techniques, and to scale the system up or down to fit both simple and complex applications. One platform operates all surface MPD equipment, and the integrated riser joint, which is controlled by a single umbilical. The RCD features an 18 3/4-in unobstructed passthrough and does not require a wear sleeve, enabling fast replacement of the sealed rotating system. Drilling fluid, supplemented by surface backpressure, can be adjusted to downhole conditions instantly. And through enhanced kick detection, you can automatically respond with the required choke control solution. With the Schlumberger integrated MPD solution, expect higher service quality, lower cost of ownership, and optimal efficiency—all from a single provider.

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