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High-Temperature Variable-Bore Rams

Sealing for a wide range of pipe diameters

BroadShear Ram Shearing

High-temperature drilling and production operations

High-temperature variable-bore rams provide a seal to a range of diameters. They are suited for H2S service per NACE MR0175 and compatible with U surface ram-type BOP. The ram packers lock into place and are not dislodged by well flow. Additionally, a large reservoir of packer rubber ensures a long-lasting seal under all conditions.

High Temperature Variable Bore Rams 3D Model

Cameron variable-bore rams (VBRs) enable sealing a standard BOP on several different pipe diameters. The ram closure mechanism is similar to standard pipe ram packers. The packers extend forward of the ram body faces. When the rams are closed, the packers contact each other on the leading surfaces at the sides of the pipe bore. As the rams continue to close, the rubber and specially designed inserts in the packers are displaced inward to close the packers around the pipe.

API Qualifications
Performance rating
Temperature rating EBE, degF
 Extended hold tested at 300 degF 11 h on 3 ½-in mandrel
8 h on 5 ½-in mandrel
Fatigue pressure cycles completed
Stripping equivalent, ft [m]
10,541 [3,213]
U BOP size, in
13 5/8: 3,000 to 10,000 psi
Tubular range, in
3 ½–5 ½