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Deepwater, high-capacity collet connector

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The DWHC deepwater, high-capacity collet connector is a high-strength drilling and completion collet connector engineered for the high loads encountered in ultradeepwater applications. The new flange exceeds API standards with a thicker neck, a larger bolt circle, and a larger bolt diameter.

A dual-hub design for use with the DWHC connector allows our standard HC collet connector to be used in applications where the loading requirements are not as severe. The HC connector locks onto the DWHC connector hub and the DWHC connector locks onto the standard wellhead hub. No modification to either collet connector is required.

The connector is actuated by an annular hydraulic cylinder. It has a greater clamping force due to segment and hub geometry and a large actuating piston. It has positive unlock and does not require overpull to disconnect.

The design forms the foundation for the requirements for our ultradeepwater subsea production system applications.


  • Preload: up to 12,000,000 lbm
  • Height: 66.78 in [1,696.21 mm]
  • Maximum subsea wellhead OD: 35.25 in [895 mm]
  • Maximum connector OD: 75.25 in [1,911 mm]
  • Metal-to-metal sealing standard AX gasket; deepwater AX gasket available
  • Secondary unlock available
DWHC Collet Connector 3D Model