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High-capacity collet connector

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The HC high-capacity collet connector is similar to the popular Model 70 connector but is designed to provide greater clamping force to withstand higher separating forces. Similar to the Model 70, it locks to mating hub via pivoted locking segments, or fingers, which form a funnel to guide the connector into position. It has a large actuating piston area that creates greater preload at a given hydraulic pressure than the Model 70, as well as higher locking and unlocking forces.

The HC connector has a short swallow (shorter than any major wellhead connector on the market), tapered hub profile, and positive unlocking system that allow disconnection at angles up to 30°.

Up to 5,875,000 lbm
44 in [1,117 mm]
Max. subsea wellhead OD
31.39 in [797 mm]
Max. connector OD
62 in [1,574 mm]
Metal-to-metal sealing AX gasket (standard)
Secondary unlock
HC Collet Connector 3D Model