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Model 70

Collet connector

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The Model 70 collet connector forms a tight seal while withstanding the bending stresses and separating forces caused by well pressure, riser tension, and vessel motion. The Model 70 connector locks to the mating hub via pivoted locking segments, or fingers, which form a funnel to guide the connector into position. The connector is actuated by hydraulic cylinders which provide high clamping preloads and unlocking force up to 80% higher than locking force. These cylinders may easily be repaired or replaced.

Short swallow, tapered hub profile, and positive unlocking system allow disconnection at angles up to 30°. Twenty-five angles on the clamp segment faces and a large actuating piston area create a greater clamping force at a given hydraulic pressure.

Up to 245,000 lbm
38.28 in [972 mm]
Max. subsea wellhead OD
31.39 in [797 mm]
Max. connector OD
64 in [1,625 mm]
Metal-to-metal sealing AX gaskets (standard)
Manual override
Model 70 Collet Connector 3D Model