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Digital Drilling Control System

Integrate control and information

Inside view of the Digital Drilling Control System
Digital Drilling Control System
Digital drilling control system for Caspian Sea jackup drilling rig, DNV class.

The Cameron digital drilling control system (DDCS) portfolio creates an integrated control and information system that boosts drilling operations. A high-value drilling automation center, the DDCS is ideal for knowledgeable drilling contractors who need reliable control systems that are also simple to use.

The systems' advanced programming and interface architecture make it easier for you to monitor and control sophisticated drilling equipment. Strategically placed distributed I/O connects remote devices to the communications network. Drillers view the processes from a high-tech workstation that serves as a powerful drilling command center.


  • Reduces overall drilling and maintenance costs
  • Enables simultaneous supervision of drillfloor activities and crew
  • Increases uptime with faster changes between equipment tasks
  • Reduces commissioning time
  • Improves safety and deters human error


  • Factory dynamic software simulations
  • Interface options, from conventional standing consoles to modern operator chairs
  • Computer display of task-specific information
  • Interlocks and early warning alarms
  • Full-service customer support and available remote log-in