Multispeed Traveling Block | SLB

Multispeed Traveling Block

Changes speed and load on the traveling assembly with a push of a button

aerial view of traveling blocks

Change speeds at the push of a button

The multispeed traveling block increases tripping speed as well as reduces the rig’s carbon footprint because of lower power consumption while tripping. It operates in full-load mode (normal speed) as any common 750-tonUS traveling block with seven sheaves. In high-speed mode (reduced load), travel speed is increased up to 67%. Hoisting capacity in high-speed mode is reduced without hindering most drilling operations.

Contact us for modeling as rig layouts and operational workflows may differ.

Render of the multispeed traveling block
DC MTSB low load perspective.

The traditional method for reeving drilling lines takes up to 12 hours.  The multispeed traveling block changes speed and load on the traveling assembly with the push of a button and within minutes. The multispeed block gears the drilling line in a drawworks-based hoisting system comprising two clusters—an inner and outer cluster. Push-button activation simultaneously changes both the load capacity and hoisting speed.

Changing gear from normal to fast mode involves

1. The traveling block lifted all the way up below the water table where the inner cluster is locked to the water table with the locking cylinder.

2. The inner cluster is unlocked from the main block with a cylinder, and separated from the main traveling block.

3. The outer cluster of the traveling block can begin operating fast mode.

4. The traveling block operation can be reversed to normal mode by reversing the operation.


Switches block speed with rig control command.