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Production Riser Tensioner Systems

For ocean currents, waves, and relative movements

Top-mounted compensator system

Our production riser tensioner units prevent the production riser system buckling under compressive loading from self weight and to compensate for ocean currents, waves, and relative movements between the platform and the riser.

Their design employs the hydropneumatic principle and robust and reliable components. The system includes the production riser tensioner units and a control panel. The PRT125 model has a maximum rated tension capacity of 125 t and is designed to accommodate the most common production riser ODs. The control panel also features a panel for monitoring the operation of each production riser tensioner unit.


  • Adjustable tension
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Remote monitoring of the tension and fluid levels
  • Relief valves to protect the accumulators and tensioner cylinders from overpressure
  • Full tension capacity even if one cylinder/accumulator unit is out of service
  • Carbon steel piston rod coated with a nonporous layer with corrosion resistance
  • Easy and reliable shackle suspension at both ends of the cylinder
  • Monitoring signals easily available for readout by the driller in the drilling control room
  • Each cylinder equipped with a cushioning device at the rod end (extended) to protect the cylinder if unintentional movement occurs
Production Riser Tensioner System