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Drilling Control Rooms

Custom-designed to specific layouts

Over-the-shoulder view of an operator inside the drilling control room

We deliver a range of drilling control rooms (DCRs) to the drilling industry. Product offerings range from compact one-seater cabins to large well-construction centers, able to house essential drilling control and monitoring equipment, as well as several operators and any additional auxiliary equipment and personnel.

Each DCR is custom-designed to meet the specified drillfloor layout and requirements. Cameron engineers control rooms for installation in any position that provides good overview and proximity to the drilling equipment. We can also design and deliver DCRs for elevated mounting (3–4 m above the drillfloor).

The Cameron DCR may be designed with one to five operator chairs. The DCR is ergonomically designed to high standards with large windows and excellent views with a purpose-designed wiper system. It is fully insulated against noise and vibration.

Inside of the drilling control room with operators sitting in the x-com chair


  • Self-supporting carbon steel unit (optional stainless steel)
  • Integrated driller's chair
  • High-level noise and vibration dampening
  • Line of sight investigated and confirmed via a clash and layout analysis using the project documentation
  • Fully automatic window-cleaning system programmed for different weather conditions
  • Fully adjustable downlights and emergency lighting fixtures with better backup in case of main power failure
  • Removable, easy-to-clean nonslip floor tiles
  • Recessed ceiling with noise dampening
  • Two safety exits
  • Sun-filtered safety windows with protection bars and grids to protect the top windows from falling objects and the front windows and DCR from moving objects
  • Remote-controlled drilling operation