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Horizontal Tubular Handling System

Consistent, time- and energy-saving handling and makeup of drilling tubulars and BHA components

Render of a rig lateral overview

The horizontal tubular handling system (HTHS) is an integrated solution specifically for land drilling operations. The system is designed to horizontally make up and break out various combinations of drilling tubulars, BHA, and casing, away from well center. The system comprises two modular components engineered to work together:

  • hydraulic catwalk
  • assembly table with an integrated side entry bucking machine.

However, the system is modular for the flexibility in how the system is used. The catwalk and bucking machine can be moved to support other drilling rigs in a field when needed.

Render of a rig lateral overview

For onshore operators and drilling contractors that require improved pipe handling capabilities, the HTHS decreases well delivery time and achieves up to 45% time savings in casing running operations, not including BHA and LWD or RSS makeup and programming outside of well center.

The HTHS enables makeup and breakout of double stands of casing and triple stands of drillpipe, horizontally away from the rig floor. Estimated savings for casing running is up to 45%, and time saved on BHA makeup and programming is estimated at up to 65%, based on existing rig data from Schlumberger operations. Schlumberger can simulate additional savings for stand building and rig moves.

  • Modularity enables system support for multiple rigs, increasing ROI
  • Robust system handles casing doubles, drillpipe triples, and BHA components, including LWD/MWD
  • Side-entry bucking unit occupies less room on location