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Racking Board Guide Arm

Eliminate manual pipe handling

Racking board guide arm.


Onshore drilling rigs

How it improves wells

The racking board guide arm is an automated pipe handling system that eliminates hazardous, repetitive, and physically demanding pipe handling activities, as well as makes them more consistent.How it worksUnlike other pipe handling systems, the racking board guide arm attaches to the rig’s existing racking board, requiring minimal modification to the rig and guides the pipe into and out of the fingers. The guide arm is automated, making operations safer by removing the derrickman from the fingerboard. Pipe handling operations become more consistent, making connection time and tripping speed more predictable. Additionally, there is no added time during rig move as the equipment is folded and remains in the mast.

Image of an installed racking board guide arm.
The racking board guide arm removes the derrickman from the fingerboard, and there is no added time during rig move as the equipment remains on the rig during the rigging up and down.

What it replaces

Removes the derrickman from the fingerboard.

The takeaways

  • Improves rig safety
  • Enhances performance by making tripping operations more consistent


  • Robust design, minimal maintenance
  • Low weightSimple installationCamera supplies visual feedback
  • Zone management system prevents equipment clashes (i.e., top drive and autoracker)
Technical Specifications
2,200 lbm [998 kg]
Dimensions (length × width × height)
8.8 ft (106 in) × 2.3 ft (28 in) × 5.6 ft (67 in) [2.7 m × 0.7 m × 1.7 m]
Tubular capacities
3 1/2-in drillpipe to 9 1/2-in drill collars
Maximum reach (from center line of rotation of the tool)
6.7 ft (80 in) [2.04 m]
Hydraulic requirements 13 galUS/min at 3,000 psi [49 L/min at 20.7 MPa]
Operating temperature
32 to 131 degF [0 to 55 degC]