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AC Motors

Flexible designs for deep drilling applications

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Cameron AC electric motors improve the performance of your mud pumps, drawworks, and rotary tables. Custom configuration is available, and ATEX, ABS, and DNV certification can be provided for new motors. Our flexible design offers you a choice between a tapered shaft or BullShaft to meet specific application requirements.

Cameron AC traction motors are designed and manufactured to handle deep drilling applications. Available in 400-hp, 550/600-hp, 1,150-hp, and 1,500/1,600-hp models, these inverter motors are designed specifically for 460-V to 690-V duty and deliver maximum efficiency. To meet varying installation requirements, our AC motors are available in vertical or horizontal designs.

Unlike conventional traction motors, Cameron AC motors have a unique design that meets the requirements of oil and gas applications. A key characteristic of the motor is the ability to provide a high level of torque at speeds ranging from 0 to 800 rpm (select motors can achieve a maximum speed up to 3,000 rpm). The torque generated at a wide range of speeds can enhance the performance of a broad array of drilling equipment driven by these motors.

Cameron AC motor


  • High-density windings put more copper in the slot to accommodate high-torque applications.
  • Greater copper and iron content provides more thermal mass to withstand the high temperatures of continuous operation without diminishing component life.
  • Life-extending, enhanced insulation system includes turn-to-turn and phase-to-phase protection, two VPI treatments, plus final treatment with epoxy and heavy build resin for chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Superior laminations strengthen the magnetic fields in the stator, and rotors are precision balanced for smooth operation. Insulated bearing housings on the 1,150- and 1,500-hp models prevent current transmission through the shaft and premature bearing wear.
  • Our AC motors include winding heaters and six slot-embedded resistive thermal devices (RTDs).
  • The 1,150- and 1,500-hp models fit the footprint and shaft height of the GE752 for simplified installations, including retrofits.
  • A minimal number of turns per phase group reduces voltage drop on the leading turn.
  • Turn-to-turn insulation, an exclusive feature, provides for enhanced insulation.
  • Two surge rings and a shorting ring provide high rigidity and reduce flexing of windings in high-torque applications.