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Liquid additive system

CMP-355 - hero

The CMP-355 liquid additive system meters and delivers liquid additives for cement slurry blending. The additives are shipped to the rig and dispensed out of the tote tanks, reducing transfer of chemicals and cleaning of tanks on location.


  • Delivers liquid additives for cement slurry blending
  • Meters up to six different liquid additives into the displacement tanks


  • Four pneumatic diaphragm pumps, each of which can provide up to 35 gpm [132.5 L/min] of various liquid additives, tailored to the cement slurry recipe
  • Additive metering with the metering tank or optional computerized metering racks the CMP-751 computerized liquid additive system or the CMP-756 remote control liquid additive system
  • Up to six rack-mounted diaphragm pumps with suction and discharge manifolds
  • Control panel
  • Metering rack with up to four tanks, control valves, and support for installation onto displacement tanks
  • Two lightning mixers
The components of the CMP-355 liquid additive system.
CMP-355 liquid additive system.