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HPHT Technology Wellhead Systems

Valves, hangers, and seals made to excel in HPHT applications

Cameron Wellhead Systems

We offer a suite of HPHT wellhead technologies that can operate in high-pressure, high-temperature applications up to 30,000 psi and 450 degF.

HPHT Wellhead Seals

  • CANH seal. Dependable metal-to-metal seal for high- and low-pressure containment of fluid and gas on machined hanger necks, rough casing, and recessed bores.
  • MTBS Hanger seal. Critical-service metal-to-metal design that is recessed below the hanger OD to provide protection while running through the BOP stack.
  • Hanger seal. Supported on an independent load shoulder above the slips to enable replacement at full-rated casing load capacity.
  • P radially energized elastomer injection seal. Energized by injecting plastic packing between the wellhead body and seal element to affect a seal in moderate service environments.
HPHT Wellhead System
UltraHPHT Wellhead Equipment
Wellheads engineered for ultrahigh pressures and temperatures