CPF-577 Double-Pump Cement Trailer | SLB


Double-pump cement trailer


The CPF-577 double-pump cement trailer provides high-pressure pumping services up to 760 hhp.

The trailer is equipped with two triplex pumps and features two 10-bbl stainless steel displacement tanks used to measure fluids. The advanced cement control (ACC) system—in conjunction with a 6-bbl mixing tub and a 14-bbl density-averaging tank—provides superior density control. It enables accurate mixing of slurries down to 5 lbm/galUS through density or solids fraction monitoring and control.

The trailer also carries its own supply of treating iron, making it completely self-sufficient on all land locations.

The CPF-577 has four direct-drive centrifugal pumps to mix the cement slurry, pressurize the triplex pumps, and deliver water to the unit. CemCAT cementing computer-aided treatment is used with this pump trailer to monitor and record sensor signals at the wellsite during pumping operations.

CPF-577 unit
CPF-577 double-pump cement trailer.


  • High-pressure pumping services
  • Mixing and pumping cement slurry


  • Lower NPT due to high system redundancy