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Optical motorhead assembly

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Reduce toolstring complexity and simplify rig up

The ACTive MHA assembly is a compact form of all the standard bottomhole contingency components typically run for every CT operation, which minimizes toolstring complexity and simplifies rig-up. It’s designed to withstand the heavy demands of milling, jarring, impact hammers, perforating, and CT applications that involve high shock or vibration loading.

The ACTive MHA assembly comprises the following main components:

  • Optical bulkheads—Pin and socket bulkheads allow the ACTive MHA assembly to be placed between the CT head and the ACTive services BHA. Note that this reduces the system optical margin by adding one more flat polished connection.
  • Drain port—A drain port allows for fluid trapped above the check valves to be removed before the ACTive MHA assembly is removed from the CT head, helping to ensure that fiber connections are not contaminated and that environmental and spill policies are followed.
  • Check valves—Dual-flapper check valves provide a double barrier to prevent wellbore fluid from returning up the CT to the surface.
  • Hydraulic disconnect—A piston in the ACTive MHA assembly supports lugs that connect the upper and lower sections. A ball pumped from surface is used to shift the piston, which drops the lugs and allows the tool to separate. An external JDC-style fishing profile is left exposed after the upper section is retrieved.
  • Circulation port—The ACTive MHA assembly allows for a burst disc to be installed below the disconnect piston. In the event that there is no circulation through the toolstring, the burst disc can be ruptured to allow flow to the annulus to pump down the disconnect ball. If the burst disc is not needed, it can be replaced with a blank plug.

Lengthen CT toolstrings

As ACTive services toolstrings have grown in length due to the addition of new measurements, it is not always accepted to place a conventional MHA below the ACTive services toolstring. The 2 1/8-in ACTive MHA assembly provides standard contingency features at the top of the ACTive services toolstring.

ACTive MHA tool components.