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CT real-time tension and compression tool

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Perform interventions with greater confidence and success

ACTive TC CT real-time tension and compression tool provides downhole load and torque measurements in real time with ACTive services while maintaining pumpthrough capability. Effective in a wide range of downhole environments, the ACTive TC tool eliminates errors introduced by extrapolating surface measurements for downhole-load-sensitive operations. You can adjust job parameters based on real-time downhole information and carry out interventions with increased confidence and success.

Combining TC measurements with other ACTive services measurements like pressure, temperature, gamma ray, and casing collar location enhances the in-well live family of CT services. Monitoring critical downhole CT load parameters to achieve successful isolation in deviated and horizontal wells improves the effectiveness of ACTive Isolation CT real-time zonal isolation services. ACTive services involving fishing or manipulation of completion hardware benefit from the accurate indication of latching, releasing, and jar and accelerator activation when wellbore conditions do not allow a clear surface indication.

Tension and compression measurements in real time ensure shifting tools are properly engaged, and provide confirmation of shifting sleeve activation.