ACTive TC Tool Enables Retrieval of 45-ft Toolstring Within 36 Hours

Published: 07/24/2015

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Retrieve toolstring to resume production

The wireline toolstring was lost in a horizontal offshore oil well, and as a result, the client had to stop production. Moreover, the logging schedule had been affected due to the limitation of available tools. Retrieving the 250-lbm [76.2-kg] toolstring would be difficult, as surface weights are generally poor indicators of manipulation and can be inaccurate due to complex well geometries and unknown well parameters.

Detect downhole weight differences

Schlumberger used ACTive family of live downhole coiled tubing services to detect even the smallest difference in downhole weights. The ACTive TC tool enabled tagging, latching, and retrieval of the fish to be clearly identified during the operation with absolute confidence.

Confirm pulling out fish using ACTive TC tool

As read, the tension while pulling out the fish demonstrated a 270-lbf [1,201-N] increase when compared to normal pulling tension. This reading could never have been achieved using surface parameters and gave a positive indication of the fish being pulled out along with the CT.

The ACTive TC tool enabled the retrieval of the 45-ft [13.7-m] production logging toolstring in just 36 hours, after which production resumed without issue.

ACTive TC tool
ACTive TC tool
ACTive services’ downhole parameters while fishing
ACTive services’ downhole parameters while fishing.
Saudi Arabia, Asia, Offshore

Challenge: Retrieve wireline tool lost in the well during reverse deployment, which was difficult to locate due to its low weight

Solution: Use ACTive TC CT real-time tension and compression tool to provide tension and compression data to monitor small changes in weight downhole

Results: Successfully retrieved 45 ft [13.7 m] of production logging toolstring within 36 hours and continued well production after the fishing operation

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