Digital electrohydraulic setting tool

LIVE digital slickline services.

Nonexplosive and configured for all industry standard kits

The D-Set digital electrohydraulic setting tool provides a nonexplosive solution to setting plugs, packers, and cement retainers with accurate depth control in downhole tubulars. Available in three different sizes as required for tubing or casing application, the D-Set tool is battery powered and compatible with industry standard devices.

Accurate depth control

Run on digital slickline in combination with a digital correlation tool, wireline equivalent depth accuracy is achieved with correlation to a reference log or well completion tally. Tool setting is initiated by command from surface.

Setting fingerprint for each plug

A battery-powered hydraulic power unit delivers pressure to the setting cylinders to create tool stroke. Delivered force and tool head tension are recorded during the setting operation to provide a real-time fingerprint of the setting sequence.

After-the-set in-situ testing

Combinable digital slickline sensors, such as a digital pressure gauge, can provide in situ testing of the plug following the set. An emergency release mechanism is incorporated with the device to enable tool retrieval in the event of a setting problem.

Enhance the quality and safety of mechanical operations