XR-Perf Expanded-Range Wireline Perforating System | SLB


Expanded-range wireline perforating system


The XR-Perf expanded-range wireline perforating system integrates our industry-leading ultrahigh-strength cables and units with innovative accessories and tractor conveyance—backed by a global network of experts—to push through the conventional limits of well angle and complexity.

Streamlining logistics and operational versatility

Perforating operations can be conducted more efficiently and effectively on wireline by using the XR-Perf system in wells where

  • complexity or inclination has previously dictated on-pipe conveyance
  • long toolstrings are being run, with their heavy weight and higher power demands.

The result is fewer and faster perforating runs with the XR-Perf system—delivering a direct reduction in operating time without compromising HSE or service quality.

Modeling for productivity

Wireline deployment on the XR-Perf system begins with modeling the dynamic underbalance and simulating the perforating shock to select the most appropriate perforating gun system. Productivity comparison and prediction are also conducted using the extensive database of stressed-rock test shots in SPAN Rock stressed-rock perforating analysis to support the best possible completion.

XR-Perf System: Technical Presentation
In this technical presentation, we review the XR-Perf system's applications, benefits, and features.