Well test subsea landing string electrohydraulic operating system

Offshore rig showing Schlumberger equipment.

Shut in and disconnect within 15 seconds during deepwater exploration operations

The SenTURIAN E&A well test subsea landing string electrohydraulic operating system enables full operation of the subsea test tree as well as equipment functionality checks. The system provides programmable emergency shutdown levels that can shut in a well and disconnect the string in less than 15 seconds. Designed to operate from dynamically positioned vessels, this highly adaptable system is customizable and upgradable to meet project-specific requirements. The system operates in all subsea environments, including arctic conditions, ultradeep water, and HPHT operations.

Efficiency during deepwater well testing

With a length of 27 ft [8.2 m], the compact and modular SenTURIAN E&A system is easier to handle and operate than conventional technologies. Additionally, its 18.56-in [47-cm] OD provides for safer and faster deployment. Topside advantages of the system’s modularity include shorter preparation, less makeup time, easier maintenance, and reduced rig footprint.

In a single module, the SenTURIAN E&A system combines an inner control mandrel with modules for hydraulics and electronics. The hydraulic-fluid accumulators and compensator are mounted directly above the oil-filled enclosure, which houses the electronics and instrumentation controls. The tool can be lifted as a single unit, function tested in a single operation, and placed in rack-back mode after the job if required, saving time for future operation.

Compliance with international subsea safety standards

The SenTURIAN E&A system is riser-instrumentation-module (RIM)- and dual-path ready for redundant operation. Additionally, the system can incorporate a second subsea electronics module. The system’s skids and lift frames comply with DNV 2.7-1 standards for offshore containers. The system is also compliant with ISO 13628-7 standards, providing electronic redundancy and pressure readout for each subsea function when an RIM is mounted.

Transmission compatibility via wireless telemetry

The system is designed to run with Muzic wireless telemetry and subsea gauge carriers for downhole pressure and temperature monitoring, as well as verification of subsea and downhole equipment functionality and integrity. SenTURIAN E&A system is compatible with the SenTREE 3 subsea test tree, which is used commonly for testing exploration and appraisal wells. The deepwater control system offers all the benefits of the SenTURIAN large-bore subsea landing string electrohydraulic operating system in dynamic exploration environments.

SenTURIAN E&A system diagram.
Well test subsea landing string electrohydraulic operating system